Accident Evidence with a Cell Phone

It appears that we spend most of our lives planning-planning on the job planning for our future, as well as planning for the lives of our parents and kids.

But after a car collision, all those plans can go astray. You do not know what to do first, what measures to take-and you did not pack anything in your car that will help you get through it.

In fact, you did-you just do not know it.

Even when you’re unprepared for an accident, you may still make a terrific gap in your situation at the scene, using something we will bet you always take with you: your mobile phone.

Calling 911. Obviously the very useful feature of a mobile phone is making calls. But many new mobiles carry programs which will record your conversation, timestamp the calls, and save them into a file on your mobile phone.

Pictures. Because your phone is always with you, it’s not difficult to take pictures of the damages, the positioning of the vehicles, and weather and road conditions at the scene.

Video. Video gives a complete picture of the collision scene, with the added bonus of recording people’s activities, voices and manner in the minutes after the crash. Document as much video as your telephone will allow, including close-ups of harm and other essential features.
Notepads. Don’t be worried about scrambling about your car for a pencil and paper-many smart phones have note taking features. Record names, addresses and telephone numbers using your keypad, ensuring you will be able to read it clearly afterwards. Note: If your telephone does not have this attribute, add all of the info you want under a new contact in the address book.

Voice Recording. Be certain that you get people to record their names also.

An experienced car accident attorney understands that while you are thinking about your family at home and the damage to your vehicle, your insurance agency will be thinking of strategies to avoid paying your claim. A lawyer can help to get you the reimbursement you deserve, and hold the other driver accountable for your own injuries.

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